I'm a photographer that understands it's not all about the photos.

it's about the people. the joys. the moments. the feelings. the emotions.

your wedding day isn't all about the photos. it's not all about the decor. it's not all about the details.

it's all about your love and the people you love.

my job is to document the precious moments that happened on your wedding day. to actually create something that will allow you to relive each moment over and over again, forever. something a lot of couples don't realize before their wedding day is that your photos are one of the few things that lasts after the wedding day. besides some objects and decor, your wedding photos are the only thing you have to hold on to from the day. these images will only increase in value overtime.

with that, I understand how important it is to truly document your day as it actually went. I'm not one to stick you in stiff awkward poses. your wedding day shouldn't feel like a stressful family photo shoot.

I'm all about capturing the sweet, once in a lifetime moments. your bridesmaids laughing about childhood memories as you get ready in the morning. your groomsmen goofing around before the ceremony. your mother's eyes forming tears as she helps you into your dress. your dad's expression as he sees you as a bride for the first time. your goosebumps before you walk down the isle. your future husband losing it as you walk down the isle. you getting emotional as you read your vows. your grandparents watching on as you marry the love of your life. your ear to ear smile the moment after you're pronounced husband and wife.

the photos that will mean more to you than any Pinterest recreation ever could.

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