O'ahu, Hawaii // May 2017

as stated in my first ever Hawaii blog post, I totally fell in love with the islands this past winter. the idea of actually living there instead of visiting whenever I could was a thought I could never get out of my head. as soon as I got back the first time I hopped online and found the cheapest flights out there to do some "college visits." at the time I was somewhat considering going to college, so why not go in Hawaii??? by the time the trip came around though, my photography business was actually taking off and I was fully supporting myself at 17 and the idea of college wasn't even there anymore so instead I just went to hang out, explore, and have fun! we stayed in the HOTELement Hawaii which is a Honda element transformed into a camper van and slept parked on the sand of a different beach every single night. a hotel and a rental car all in one? to most people, this option isn't ideal. however it was the perfect fit for my adventurous self and totally the best way to see the entire island in a short period of time. oh, and very cost effective. I've mastered the art of traveling cheap. why stay at a 5 star all inclusive resort on the nicest beach for one trip when you can stay in a run down airbnb hostel on the bad side of town for three trips at the same price??? yep I can definitely see some very valid points, but I'll take the second option any day if it means I can travel more. experiences>>> material objects, Y'ALL!!! anyways, here's a lil video I put together from my lil trip to O'ahu.

Jessie Young