my first 6 months of living on Oahu // December 2018

six months ago today I moved from my home state to a far away, unfamiliar place. with no solid plans, and not knowing a person on the island, I still felt secure knowing it was where God was calling me to go. I wasn't planning on moving to hawaii until a few weeks before I landed- I had an entirely different plan that I'd been betting on since years prior. however suddenly some 'random' opportunities came up and I had no doubt that it was God asking me to change my plans. new doors opened and I booked the flight!! fast forward to six months later and I can't believe how much has changed. it’s crazy to see the amount of growth I’ve had, relationships I’ve formed, and the adventures that have happened. I'm blessed to have an amazing church community that I call my family and to have met new life long pals. disclaimer: life in hawaii hasn't been all fun and games. this video totally isn't a reflection of what these past 6 months have looked like- definitely just a highlight reel. there's been tons of setbacks, so many stressful situations, lots of losses, and all the difficulties of moving to a new place- but I'm thankful for all of the lows as well as I've learned so much and have a new appreciation for so much. I moved to what seemed like a very random point in the world, and most things didn't go as I had planned, but the opportunities that came up were definitely not so coincidental and I'm very thankful that things didn't go as I had expected. God is good and I love what He's doing in my life!

Jessie Young