Jesse & Jacy // The Mill + in-home engagement session

THESE TWO!!!! Seriously the giggliest couple ever. I’m obsessed. Every time we tired to take a serious photo it just ended in them cracking up and laughing even more- it was the best. We started their session off at The Mill- if you know me you know I spend 99% of my NE time working there. It’s my favorite coffee shop in the state. Well they actually happened to get engaged at The Mill so it was only fitting that we started the session there! Then we headed up to Jacy’s adorrrrrable Haymarket apartment. It was for real the cutest + coziest apartment I’ve ever seen. Scroll down to almost the bottom for the funniest series of photos from when Jesse tried to lick Jacy’s face- again when we were attempting a more serious photo. Lastly we headed out to good ole Pioneers Park where we did lots of running around and more laughing. Couples that just goof around non stop and look at each other the way these guys do are my favorite!!!

Jessie Young