Nikki & Jeremy // Mount Rainier, Washington engagement session

photographing couples like this is what I wanna do. this was a total dream shoot, and it wasn't because of the insane mountains, fresh snow, or the fact that Nikki & Jeremy are the absolute cutest. what I loved the most is how we were able to capture them doing what they love in their happiest place. don't get me wrong, I loved everything else too and I 175% think you should travel somewhere gorgeous for your engagements as well, but that's not what makes a session perfect. photographing a couple in their most happy place doing what they love is something I'll never become tired of! whether it's playing around on the top of a mountain, running around on the beach, or sippin' coffee in your cozy home, I strive to capture couples just doing what they do.

these two got engaged all alone way up in the mountains. no one around but each other. Jeremy proposed to her in their element, after a long adventurous hike deep in the snowy mountains. then of course they also had their engagement session with me just like that- playing around way up in the mountains exploring another gorgeous PNW national park. I love it when my couples make their sessions so them!!! they were truly in their element, and it totally shows! I loved getting to work with these lovebirds. the session was full of so much tackling each other into the snow, running around snowy mountain tops, and of course a few snowball fights. getting to capture exactly who they are was so awesome!!! I was basically following them around photographing exactly how they'd be if I wasn't even there. I wanna do more of that.


does that sound like your dream couples session?? I'm still offering mini couples sessions in the spirit of Valentine's Day!!! schedule a couples session with me sometime this month for my special Valentine's packages!

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Jessie Young