Adalynn & Flo // engagements in the mountains of Hawaii

have you seen a more attractive couple??!?! probs not. we hiked straight up the side of a mountain for these drop dead gorgeous views. every time I showed them a photo during the shoot they freaked out and kept saying that the background was so beautiful it looked fake hahaha and it's so true!!! Hawaii is TOO DANG GOOD. this hike is soooo crumbly and hard we were basically sliding down the mountain on all fours LOL but I think we all agree that it was worth it! we all looked so sweaty and red once we made it to the top but the breeze was incredible and they touched up + changed once we got to the top. the wind was also totally on our side!!! you always need a few messy, wind blown hair shots. engagement photos at the top of a crazy pretty hike is never a bad idea!!!

Jessie Young