Madi & Louis // barefoot in Kahana Bay

ahhhh!!!!! I got to take these bridal photos for Madi + Louis and it was the best. of course, Hawaii's weather is SO unpredictable. we got to the shoot and it started down pouring as soon as we got to the location :( we waited it out in the car and contemplated rescheduling, but about 30 minutes later it cleared up! it was still cloudy but it made for the coolest look. there were clouds covering the tops of the mountains behind the beach we shot at and it looked soooo cool. ALSO. these two were the sweetest giggliest couple ever which made the shoot way too much fun!!! they were laughing and messing around the whole time which is always the best thing!!! and I'm stilllllll obsessed with Madi's gorgous flower crown! whattttt a perfect bridal shoot <3

Jessie Young