I'm a photographer that understands it's not all about the photos.

it's about the people. the joys. the moments. the feelings. the emotions.

your wedding day isn't all about the photos. it's not all about the decor. it's not all about the details- it's all about your love and the people you love.

I put my whole heart into documenting the precious moments that happen on your wedding day. I want to create something that will allow you to relive each moment over and over again, forever. your wedding photos will be what you look back on to remember the day, and what you will someday share with future generations. these images will only increase in value overtime.

with that, I understand how important it is to truly document your day as it went. I'm not one to stick you in stiff awkward poses, your wedding day shouldn't feel like a stressful family photo shoot. I work to capture your day as it happens and I am passionate about seeking out the candid moments. the wedding is not about the photos- but the photos will be about the wedding.

*2020 wedding packages start at $2600. all packages include printing rights and full resolution photos. I also have options to include engagement photos , full day coverage, a second photographer, an album, etc. get in touch for alllll the info!

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